A concert full of emotions driven by a passionate tango. The repertoire includes tango nuevo created by Astor Piazzola combined with Gerardo Matos Rodriquez’s, Angel Villoldo’s or Carlos Gardel’s classic tango elements, Polish tango and the works of Richard Galliano. The songs are performed either on bandoneon or in case of Galliano’s compositions, on jazz accordion accompanied by : piano- Rafał Karasiewicz, double bass-Zbigniew Wrombel, guitar- Marek Piątek and violin-Krystian Danowicz. Wiesław Prządka appears on stage in many configurations: as a solo artist, in duos, trios, quartets, quintets, with a violin section or a chamber orchestra e.g.Amadeus Polish Radio Chamber Orchestra under Anna Duczmal-Mroz.

An innovative project called TANGO JAZZ PROJECT is also available. During this concert famous tangos are performed with a jazz twist: bandoneon and accordion Wiesław Prządka, double bass: Zbigniew Wrombel, piano: Rafał Karasiewicz, saxophone: Piotr Baron, vibraphone: Dominik Bukowski. Justyna Szafran, Katarzyna Jamróz, Gabriela Medina Castro perform as guest vocalists. This project can also be complemented by an Argentinian tango dance show.

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