French music

A proposal of a romantic concert introducing the atmosphere of French streets. You can hear the compositions of Richard Galliano, Francis Lai, Edith Piaf, Jo Dussin, Tony Muren, Jo Privat, Gus Viseur, Michel Legrand, musette and jazz new musette. The repertoire is performed on a suitably selected accordion with the original musette registrar and on jazz in various musical compositions: from chamber music to large spectacles.

In this offer, Wiesław Prządka has unique arrangements for symphonic orchestra, thanks to which the meeting with French music is unique in his performance. The artist builds the atmosphere by choosing the right songs, their order and dynamics.

Styles musette and new musette perform with their own band NEW MUSETTE QUARTET composed of: Wiesław Prządka – accordions, (founder and leader of the band), Edmund Klaus – guitar, Zbigniew Wrombel – double bass, Andrzej Mazurek – drums, instr. percussion.

For large productions, soloists are also invited: instrumentalists (vibraphone, harmonica and others) and vocalists: Olga Bończyk, Justyna Szafran, Jadwiga Kuta, Magdalena Atkinson, Katarzyna Jamróz, Jacek Wójcicki, and Jacek Kotlarski.

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