Unique Projects

An offer for a tailor-made concert, organized on a grand scale and well-adapted to the customer’s requirements such as: specific theme, venue or kind of event. Wiesław Prządka serves as an art director, performer as well as host. For each project he invites suitable musicians who create, together with him, a unique artistic event with the programme based on specific themes, framed by interesting arrangements, original combination of styles, countries and sounds. Every part of this project must be accurate and well-thought: starting from a suitable orchestra, conductor, hosts, through visual and light effects to multimedia as well as stage design. This offer is dedicated to major concert halls, open-air stages or untypical concert locations, where a particular stage and backstage settings are needed.

A great example of such an event may be the World Music – an interesting mixture of world famous hits recognized by people in every corner of the world combined with Polish music themes. Performed in unique arrangements and with various music groups – instrumentally and vocally with dancers as well as visual effects. France, Italy, Argentine, Poland, USA – these are only examples as this project may be performed in many other countries and by musicians from all over the world.

Magic of Accordion – here the accordion plays the leading role, presenting its musical potential and a wide range of changing sounds. The instrument is present in all songs illustrating various music styles to the audience. During this concert the emphasis is put on the instrumental part although it is complemented by the vocal of guest stars. Accordion together with New Musette Quartet’s section and a chamber or symphony orchestra.

Tango Show – Magic of Bandonion – this project stimulates all senses by its saturation and colour diversity. The main part belongs to the bandoneon – a rare guest on Polish music stage, accompanied by piano, guitar, violin, double bass and a chamber orchestra having an amplifying effect on major scenes. The whole event is framed by the theatre script illustrating the history of tango. Dancers appear on stage in various choreographic variants and costumes. This project is performed in cooperation with the Tango Theatre and the tango school Casa Buena. The light, multimedia and stage design are a perfect complement to the whole piece.

Noche Argentina – a project presenting various forms of Argentinian music and culture. Traditional music, especially from the north of the country combined with classic tango and tango-nuevo. Another component  of the Argentinian culture is presented by dancers appearing on stage. The artists wear traditional costumes and play traditional instruments from a given region. After the concert a dance lesson and milonga performance with DJ and live music is organized.

French memories – a project based exclusively on French music.

French music is appreciated all over the world, it influences our imagination, it is picturesque and extremely romantic. While listening to it we are almost instantly taken to Paris, we feel the specific ambiance of French streets and cafes. Over the years this kind of music has been resonating in our hearts, but at the same time it has been changing, as next generations have been interpreting it in their own way. Original performances stirring our emotions forever have been complemented by new styles, arrangements and innovative interpretations. Musette, new musette, French film music, famous composers and singers. A symphony orchestra combined with New Musette Quartet together with invited guests – piano and vocalists.

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